A downloadable PHideouts for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Avast ye, ya a pirate, mate! You must defend our hideout with all our booty!

Instructions: Place water from your hideout to enemy spawn points! At wave 2, you must link other spawn point and so on until wave 4! Place turrets to defend the hideout!

This game is made in 72 hours for Love2D Jam, more updates will be done soon if the game will receive enough interest for continuing.

We plan to bring multiplayer, more enemies, towers and upgrades to next version.

Install instructions

For windows version, just download the binary files and extract the files in a empty folder. Run redist files if you get missing dlls.

For Linux, Mac, you must install Love2D from love2d.org and use the version suited for your OS, download the source file and run it with Love2D.


Pirates Hideout Windows Binary (x86) 11 MB
Source File for All Platforms (You must have Love2D installed) 321 kB